Forecourt Watch

What is Forecourt Watch?

BOSS Forecourt Watch is a crime reduction partnership initiative designed to meet the requirements of both police and fuel retailers within a police force area.

It ensures that police, oil companies and fuel retailers work together to meet agreed crime reduction objectives while reducing demands on police resources. It targets multiple offenders and introduces tested procedures to minimise retailer losses. In areas where Forecourt Watch schemes operate, BOSS research shows that associated crime can reduce by more than 50%.

BOSS has established more than 130 Forecourt Watch schemes in police forces throughout the UK. Eight of these are force-wide schemes while others focus on particular police divisions. The advantages of Forecourt Watch include:

  • Proven reduction in forecourt crime incidents
  • Safer environment for customers and staff
  • Reduced demand on police resources
  • Liaison with a single police point of contact enables streamlined reporting of drive-off incidents
  • Efficient, standardised system of self-reporting for retail service stations
  • Professional debt recovery processes are being introduced
  • Support for retailers from BOSS regional co-ordinators
  • Increasing use of the latest automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to deter, monitor, identify and apprehend serial offenders
  • New electronic reporting technology can improve accuracy and speed of reporting by providing a direct link between retailers and police
  • Local awareness can be boosted with the support of the BOSS marketing and public relations team

Bring Forecourt Watch to your Area

BOSS Forecourt Watch is a retail crime prevention partnership available to any police force in the United Kingdom. Forecourt Watch helps to forge productive working relationships and monitoring and reporting networks between police and fuel retailers.

Police forces interested in finding out more about how BOSS Forecourt Watch could strengthen the fight against forecourt crime in their force area are invited to contact BOSS.