Payment Watch

What is Payment Watch?

BOSS Payment Watch is a debt recovery scheme for fuel retailers. Payment Watch puts in place a co-ordinated system for recovering financial losses incurred by incidents where drivers fill up, claim to have no means of payment (NMoP) and subsequently fail to return to pay.

When an NMoP incident occurs the system starts with a process designed to encourage the motorist to explore possibilities for making payment eg payment by passenger, phone a friend etc. It’s not always possible to resolve cases on the spot in this way and that is when the proven BOSS Payment Watch documentation can help.

Feedback from retailers who are already enjoying the benefits of BOSS Payment Watch membership is overwhelmingly positive. They see more people return to pay than previously and, when drivers fail to return, our specialist debt recovery agents work hard on recovering monies owed. Overall, surveyed retailers have recouped over 80% of initial losses.
To participate in the BOSS Payment Watch services retailers need to be BOSS Payment Watch members.

Annual membership cost for a new member joining BOSS Payment Watch is £180 + VAT per site per annum in full or by direct debit at £15.00 + VAT per month after an initial payment of £60.00 + VAT to cover the cost of initial set up administration and the the first four months membership.

Membership renewal costs £180.00 + VAT in full or £15.00 + VAT per month by direct debit.

New membership includes a Payment Watch debt recovery scheme starter pack. Each pack contains a complete set of documentation for managing a Payment Watch scheme at one site.

Benefits of joining BOSS Payment Watch include:

  • Available to ALL fuel retailers on the UK mainland and in Northern Ireland.
  • BOSS supplies a Payment Watch pack complete with a full set of documentation.
  • Saves retailers time and effort in chasing no means of payment debt.
  • Robust procedures for pursuing debt in the event that drivers do not pay.
  • An easy process for drivers to settle their debt, even if not local.
  • More than 80% of overall debt recovery regularly achieved.
  • Multiple offenders identified and prosecution sought.
  • Deters the professional criminal.
  • Joining BOSS Payment Watch will mean there are fewer forecourts for offenders to hide.

To become a BOSS Payment Watch Member, give us a call on 01926 864757 or send us a message