Become a BOSS Member

For a retailer to benefit from the BOSS Payment Watch scheme they will need to become a member of BOSS – The British Oil Security Syndicate.

Annual membership cost for a new member joining BOSS Payment Watch is £180 + VAT per site per annum in full or by direct debit at £15.00 + VAT per month after an initial payment of £60.00 + VAT to cover the cost of set up administration and the the first four months membership.

New membership includes a BOSS Payment Watch debt recovery scheme starter pack. Each pack contains a complete set of documentation for managing a BOSS Payment Watch scheme.

If you are not a BOSS Payment Watch member you will need to join our scheme. Please Click Here to Contact Us Now.

Once your membership has been accepted by BOSS you will be sent an email confirming your order. You will be given a unique BOSS site number. Please make sure you include this number on all correspondence and shop orders.