Why Join Us?

The principal objective of BOSS is to make fuel service stations safer and more secure working environments. BOSS initiatives can help to reduce the volume of fuel taken in ‘drive-offs’ and ‘no means of payment’ incidents and, where necessary, efficiently recover losses incurred by retailers.

BOSS services are intended to reduce crime, help retailers to recover money owed, improve the efficiency of gathering information and reporting drive off and no means to pay incidents to the police. At the same time BOSS is working with police forces to develop more efficient ways of reporting and recording incidents and taking steps to see that persistent offenders are prosecuted.

We build beneficial working relationships that can bring fuel retailers, oil companies, police and crime-fighting agencies together by working to common goals. BOSS schemes have been shown to reduce demands on police time and provide more efficient ways of working.

BOSS continues to lobby at government level to ensure that fuel theft is treated in a consistent manner throughout the UK. Home Office regulations now clearly state that theft of fuel is a crime, and must be recorded as such. Our specialist BOSS team monitors crime and highlights criminal trends, bringing incidents to the attention of oil companies and local police forces. As systems and procedures have evolved BOSS has also taken steps to identify prolific offenders and bring them to the attention of the police for prosecution.

If you are interested in becoming a BOSS Member, call us today on 01926 864757 or send us a message